Why Am I Always Tired When I Wake Up?

Woman in robe yawning in the kitchen while holding her coffee

Feeling like you could use a few more hours of shut-eye when you wake up is really quite ordinary. Most people wake up feeling groggy, but after a shower or a cup of coffee they are ready for the rest of their day. If, however, you feel exceptionally fatigued throughout the day, it’s possible that you aren’t getting the quality sleep your body needs. Today, the Common Sleep team will explore the reasons you might be tired and the solutions that might help.

How Much Sleep Are You Getting?

The 8-hour guideline is, as the name suggests, simply a guideline. Each person’s sleep needs are different. For some people, 8 hours is the perfect amount. However, others may prefer more or less sleep. Adjusting to the amount of sleep that your body needs can take time, but it will eventually result in better — more restful sleep. Once you have found the amount that is perfect for your body, make sure you stay consistent.

Practice Better Sleep Hygiene

There are certain habits that can make falling asleep more difficult. For instance, many people use their phone or laptop right up until it is time to fall asleep. The artificial blue light from these screens suppresses the secretion of melatonin — a sleep-promoting hormone — twice as much as other types of light. Avoid electronics for a few hours before bed and you will have an easier time falling asleep. 

There are also habits that can help, such as keeping your room cool and dark and using ‘white noise’ while you sleep. Make sure you have curtains that block out street lights, so your circadian rhythm isn’t disrupted as you lie in bed. Using white noise to drown out bothersome sounds can be a big help for some people. The low, rhythmic sound of a ceiling fan can provide enough white noise to relax your mind as you fall asleep.

Poor Sleep May Be a Result of a Sleep Disorder

If you follow healthy habits as you prepare for bed, but you are still fatigued throughout the day, you may suffer from one of a number of sleep disorders. When sleep disorders remain untreated, they often result in serious health issues. 

If you think that you may be one of the millions of Americans who suffer from a sleep disorder, get in touch with the Common Sleep team today. Our team of highly-trained sleep physicians can help you identify and understand the best treatments available to you. Contact Common Sleep at 417-3681605 to learn more.

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